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Amber necklace for men VYR6

Prekės kodas: VYR6

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Natural Baltic amber necklace was made for men but ladies are welcome to try it on too.


This one of a kind adornment is made from irregural cylinder shaped amber beads.


Unpolished amber has natural looks. Amber is matt rather than shiny, has an exposed unique texture, surface is not smoothed over, ambers are natural Earthy colours, therefore has manly spirit and men like it the best. 


Not only this necklace is a solid accent for your style, it is also beneficial for your health. Non polished amber necklace is recommended to wear to people who suffer from enlarged thyroid (goiter) as it helps to boost thyroid function.


Strong string is knotted between each and every amber, so should the necklace break, one stone will fall off and the rest will not scatter.


Length  − 48 cm

Weight − 18,2 g

Colour − multicoloured, with matt

Clasp type − twist screw

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