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Amber necklace for men VYR3

Prekės kodas: VYR3

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 It's the minimalism and simplicity that makes this solid adornment so popular amongst classy men. This natural Baltic amber necklace was made for men but ladies are welcome to try it on too.


 Necklace is made from two types of beads: cylinder shaped and round. Yellow lemon colour amber compliments deep cherry that is visually dominant colour in this necklace. Colour combination does not make sharp contrast but rather blend in, therefore the necklace does not pop out.


 We recommend this adornment for men who seek solid and classic looks rather than for an accent to highlight their style.


Length  − 48 cm

Weight − 9,1 g

Type  − cylinder, ball

Colour − cherry, lemon

Clasp type − twist screw


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