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Amber necklace for men VYR2

Prekės kodas: VYR2

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 It's the simplicity that makes this adornment so popular amongst men. This natural Baltic amber necklace was made for men but ladies are welcome to try it on too.


 This necklace is outstanding as it is made from a rare white Baltic amber, also called Royal or bone amber. Only very small amounts of white amber is being found in nature which makes it extra valuable and special.


 One of white amber features is that very often it blends with other colour amber, making beautiful contrasts and unique patters which you can see in this necklace too.


 Necklace is made from two types of beads: cylinder shaped and round amber beads. Deep dark cherry  and white is a high contrast colour combination. It creates a sense of harmony and balance.


  The charm of this necklace is within simplicity. Sometimes you need very little to unveil something unique.


Length  − 47,5 cm

Weight − 11,6 g

Colour − white, dark cherry

Clasp type − twist screw

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