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Amber baby jewellery set VKPU2

Prekės kodas: VKPU2

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Jewellery set for children is made from natural Baltic amber and includes one necklace and one bracelet.


This set makes a wonderful and universal gift as it is suitable for all ages both − boys and girls.


Our amber jewellery is beneficial for baby's development. Multicolored beads catch baby's attention and become an interesting and fun toy which can be shaken, thrown around, looked at and tasted.


Amber is a natural mineral so does not cause allergic reactions but boosts body's immune system and has healing properties. Chewing amber beads eases baby teething pain, gives calming effect and helps to fall asleep easier.


Children necklace and bracelet also can be purchased separately. 


Length  − necklace: 32 cm, bracelet: 14 cm

Weight − necklace: 4-5 g, bracelet: 1,8-2 g

Type − bean shaped

Colour − lemon

Clasp type − twist screw



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