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Amber choker necklace KLEO8

Prekės kodas: KLEO8

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 This one of a kind solid size necklace is made from rare, therefore highly valuable green Baltic amber.


 Green amber is also called sugar amber because of it's sugary looking crystal texture. Amber got it's unique texture and colour after resin dropped on plants and reacted with chlorophyll. 


 Amber nuggets havent been peeled off. Each amber nugget was thouroughly hand polished until the rough sandy surface was smooth and glass-like shiny, however all the natural unique curves were kept. This way amazing beauty that Mother Nature hid deep inside the amber was unveiled: unique textures, million and million years old organic impurities and breathtaking shades of rich colours. Each carefully polished amber bead is a window to a wonderful and mysterious world you will be amazed with.


 Choker necklace amber nugets are rich with cherry and lemon shades. When is sun, they make a lovely impression of live coal waken up by a gust of air.


 The back of each amber was hand grinded to flat so the necklace rests comfortably on chest. Ambers are strung on two parallel strings so they are always in proper angle to maintain the perfect shape of necklace. 


 This is an exeptionally unique and luxurious adornment you will not regret having. All the stunning choker features make it Nature's trully one of the of best pieces of art.


Length − 50 cm

Weight − 37 g

Type − natural

Colour − green, with hints of cherry and lemon

Clasp type − twist screw


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