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M size Amber Collar for Dogs and Cats SUMP

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This amber necklace is a double protection for your pet from ticks and fleas.


Handmade necklace for dogs and cats is made from natural raw Baltic amber.


Amber is fossil resin from coniferous and other tree species. 


As pet wears the necklace amber rubbing against pet's fur creates electrostatic charge that make ticks and flees feel uncomfortable and repel them. Through same friction the smell of resin is being spread thoroughly over pet's fur. People cannot smell this specific odor, but ticks and fur parasites do not tolerate the smell and abandon the animal.


This necklace is made from unpolished amber therefore is most effective. For necklace to be effective pet must wear it at all times. It takes up to three weeks for necklace to create the electrostatic and repelling odor guard. The longer pet wears it, the more effectively necklace protects the pet.


Not only amber has anti parasitic properties,  it's also good for your pet's health. Amber helps with digestive tract and respiratory problems, fights against cold.


We all love our pets and give them the best care we can. However sometimes we might fail to notice they are unwell. But it doesn't take much time, nor much money to put an amber necklace on their necks and provide that extra protection that might make all the difference.


We started producing amber necklaces for pets in 2011. Before that we tested them on our own pets who pose on our labels. Please meet our dogs Maila, Arga and Chika, the cat. Necklaces were a great success. We live in Lithuania, region where in Summertime ticks are very common and they spread life threatening diseases. In the beginning of necklace wear we only found 2 ticks on our pets and not long after our pets were tick free.


This amber necklace is a 100 percent natural product. If you are not a fan of chemical treatments, give this natural alternative a go. Amber is anti allergic mineral so even keen to allergies pets or their humans will have no allergic reactions or other side effects from it. It is absolutely safe to wear for pregnant or nursing pets and their young ones too.


Great majority, approximately 95 percent, of our customers were fully satisfied with this product and results it delivered. We believe in our product sadly there is no such thing as 100 percent guaranteed effective protection from ticks - natural or chemical based. For best effect we recommend to change amber collar at least once a season.


Size − M universal (22-40 cm)

Colour − cognac

Clasp type − chain with oyster claw


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