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Amber bracelet APBIX1

Prekės kodas: APBIX1

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 This bracelet is handmade from natural Baltic amber.


 Bracelet has a classic structure − same size and shape ambers are put in one neat and rather narrow line. However the variety of colours make this bracelet less conservative but universal to wear with different styles of clothing.


 Each amber was carefully hand grinded and given a shape of flat rectangular. The good side surface was smoothly rounded up and  given a fine polish finish.


 Amber plates are separated from one another by tiny round lemon colour beads that give bracelet the impression of lightness.


 Beads are strung on two parallel silicone bands the flat side inwards, therefore bracelet maintains the perfect shape, fits comfortably and is easy to put on.


Length  − 18 cm

Height − 1,2-1,3 cm

Weigth − 5-6 g

Colour − multicoloured, no matt


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