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Amber bracelet AP8

Prekės kodas: AP8

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This one of a kind bracelet is handmade from natural Baltic amber.


Massive ambers were hand processed. One amber side is lightly bent outwards, other side is flat so bracelet would be comfortable to wear.


Bracelet is easy and comfortable to put on and maintains a perfect shape as it is strung on two strong parallel elastic bands. Amber sides have a straight cut so they fit flawlessly to one another.


With a help of a special technology, rich and dark colour bracelet ambers were enriched with various size and shape scales.  They adorn bracelet with gold and bronze colours and make it seem as if sparkly star dust is trapped in this beautiful and mysterious bracelet.


Unique sugar-like texture and unexpected scale compositions are very good at cathing and reflecting the light, therefore bracelet has a beautiful intense sparkle. 


Length  − 20 cm

Height  − 4,3 cm

Diameter − 6 cm

Weight − 32,7 g

Colour − green


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