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Amber bracelet AP12

Prekės kodas: AP12

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This bracelet is handmade from natural Baltic amber.


Oblong, irregular shape amber plates are polished, their surface is smooth and shiny. Great majority of ambers are transparent, rich dark colours, therefore bracelet looks solid and luxurious.


White and matt amber plates liven up this bracelet with contrast. They are unique for other colour amber inserts and subtle patterns they create together. White amber is one of the rarest shade ambers in nature, therefore is highly valuable and fits in beautifully in this bracelet.


Ambers are strung on two paralel silicone bands, therefore is easy to put on, ambers are always in their place so bracelet always maintains the perfect shape.


Because of oblong amber shape, bracelet is comfortable to wear - it will not hurt your wrist when you put hand flat on surfaces.


Length  − 18 cm

Height  − 1,7 cm

Weight − 13,9 g

Colour − multicoloured, with matt


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