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Amber bracelet AP10

Prekės kodas: AP10

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This one of a kind bracelet is handmade from natural Baltic amber.


This beautiful and modest bracelet has natural, warm looks. Matt yellow lemon and honey ambers make a harmonic blend.


Ambers went through very minimal processing − on the good side of bracelet ambers have a natural shape and surface saved. Amber peel was not removed, they were not polished. Even hough amber surface is uneven and unpolished, it is not rough but rather vellvety and feels lovely to touch.


Amber sides have a straight cut so they fit flawlessly to one another, the inner side of bracelet is flat. Ambers are strung on two strong parallel elastic bands, therefore bracelet is easy to put on, comfortable to wear and it always maintains a perfect shape.


Ambers are strung in order where the narrow side of bracelet gradually gets wider until bracelet reaches the widest 2,9 cm spot right opposite from the most narrow 1,2 cm width.


Because of it's natural earthy colours it goes beautifully with linen and other natural fabric and colours clothing.


You will love this bracelet if you love natural looks and appreciate amber healing properties and benefits.


Length − 20 cm

Height  − 1,2-2,9 cm

Diameter − 6 cm

Weight − 20 g

Colour − lemon, honey


Note: The piece in the product image for this item is for illustration only. There is no two identical items and every single one is unique. The photo just represents exact setting style and type of amber used.


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