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Amber bracelet AP1

Prekės kodas: AP1

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 This one of a kind bracelet is handmade from large, natural Baltic ambers that have not been processed, therefore have unique looks of a long-lived tree bark.


 Each amber has a natural, uneven outer surface that was not grinded or polished, mysterious shades and texture − just like nature created them. However the inwards is cut flat for your comfort to wear.


 Bracelet is easy and comfortable to put on and maintains a perfect shape as it is strung on two strong parallel elastic bands. Amber sides have a straight cut so they fit flawlessly to one another.


 This gorgoeus adornment is trully magnificent and makes a great accent to highlight your style.


Because of it's natural earthy colours it goes beautifully with linen and other natural fabric and colours clothing.


Length  − 22 cm

Height − 4,5 cm

Diameter − 6 cm

Weight − 59,9 g

Colour − natural


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